The Rules

The rules will be basically GURPS Lite, available for free:

Additional rules:

  • Maximum of 75 points of disadvantages or 50% of characters points, whichever is less.
  • Not not use wealth advantages or disadvantages. Usually you can have starting gear suitable for your character up to the $20,000 starting wealth. For any special gear use the “Signature Gear” advantage. This may be changed depending on the scenario.
  • When advancing, a character can remove an advantage, disadvantage or skill for full CP once per session if it was not used in the previous session.
  • Removing or adding to characters through the story can happen separately. If you gain something through the story, you can choose to pay CP to keep it or you will only keep it until it is removed through the story. If you lose something through the story, you can choose to get the CPs back or gain the advantage back. This does not apply to equipment other than signature gear.
  • Do not buy Status without discussing with the GM what it means.
  • The following traits are not allowed: Jumper, Talent

You can use mundane traits and skills from the basic book, however they will not be required. Exotic and supernatural traits can only be gained from packages or … other methods.

The Rules

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